If you are a changemaker or future changemaker, register to join the Global Initiative for Youth Service in your community! As Youth Service America and the IAYG family’s global community-level organizing platform for young changemakers, the Initiative can connect you to mentors, community leaders, community-based organizations, local companies, and a wide array of stakeholders in your community to help you in your youth service journey. Whether you are preparing to take the leap into youth service, or a seasoned young leader looking to expand your project to new heights, the Initiative is your champion every step of the way.

For Individuals

If you are registering for yourself or on behalf of someone else, click below to register as an individual. Registration is entirely free. All young people up to age 25 are eligible: there is no requirement of previous experience in youth service!

For Youth-Led Organizations and Youth Groups

If you are registering on behalf of a youth-led organization, youth group, school group, university society, or other group that represents many young changemakers, click below to register as a group.