About the Global Initiative for Youth Service






Phillip Meng

President, IAYG family

Chairman, Global Initiative for Youth Service

As President of IAYG, Mr. Phillip Meng oversees the global commitment of the IAYG organizational family  – including Clubs for Peace, Coalition for Youth Community Leadership, and GGCDP – in educating and empowering young people. YSA and IAYG jointly lead the Global Initiative for Youth Service, and Mr. Meng serves as Chairman. Learn more

Steve Culbertson

President and CEO, Youth Service America

Mr. Steven A. Culbertson is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Youth Service America. Founded in 1986, YSA supports a global culture of engaged children and youth committed to a lifetime of meaningful service, including through Global Youth Service Day. YSA and IAYG jointly lead the Global Initiative for Youth Service. Learn more

Isaac Appiah

Regional Director for West Africa, IAYG family

Mr. Isaac Appiah is the IAYG’s Regional Director for West Africa. Mr. Appiah is the most senior Regional Director in the IAYG system. In addition to his role overseeing the IAYG’s work in West Africa, he advises three other IAYG  regional operations in Sub-Saharan Africa and will oversee the contribution of IAYG Africa operations to the Initiative. Learn more

Karen Daniel

Vice President of Programs, Youth Service America

Ms. Karen Daniel is the Vice President of Programs at Youth Service America, and has been with YSA for over eighteen years. Ms. Daniel was previously the Director of Education Initiatives at the National Alliance for Business, where she directed the Business Coalition for Education Reform. Learn more

Michael Minks

Vice President of Operations, Youth Service America

Mr. Michael Minks is the Vice President of Operations at Youth Service America. Mr. Minks joined YSA in 2007 to manage the ServiceVote campaign, and later became the Director of Outreach and Director of Development & Innovation. Learn more

Scott Ganske

Vice President of Partnerships, Youth Service America

Mr. Scott Ganske is the Vice President of Partnerships at Youth Service America. In this role, Mr. Ganske leads YSA’s collaboration with local and national partners in K-12 education, youth development, national service, and other fields. Learn more

Other biographies of Global Initiative for Youth Service leadership will be added soon.